Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hitting the Big Time!

The folks at Catholic Stand have been gracious enough to add my as a regular columnist! "Regular" in this case means "once a month," which is just about enough time for me to periodically conjure up something that others might want to read. I'm very grateful to Catholic Stand for giving me the opportunity to spread my inanity farther across the Web.

Behold, my first entry:



  1. Hi Nick! I liked the column, your specificity about the subject of the villain's motives was most welcome, as I find the subject fascinating. However, you did seem to leave out Vader's most heinous crime: the destruction of Alderaan. Thinking back, I guess you could probably give that one to Grand Moff Tarkin since he gave the order, but I doubt he was Vader's superior officer :)

    1. I would hang the destruction of Alderaan on Grand Moff Tarkin. Vader assented to it, yes, but there's nothing in the film that suggests it was his idea or his directive. Whether Tarkin is Vader's "superior officer" is a curious question: I don't think Vader falls within the military hierarchy, but he certainly seems to have the authority to relieve officers of command (his preferred method, execution) and appoint others in their place. Maybe he's the equivalent of a Roman consul under the emperor or something? An interesting question in itself. :)