Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Links and Things: February 24, 2016

Let's go around the horn and look at a few points of interest....

Amy Wellborn reminds us, clearly, calmly, and rationally, that we need not get ourselves in a dither over this or that of the Holy Father's comments--and that we need not defend them, either, in Against Popesplaining at her blog, Charlotte Was Both. (It's a little lengthy, but do press on, especially to the point below the **** across the bottom of the page.)

Scott Eric Alt exposes a statistic commonly used by Catholic apologists as hogwash in We Need To Stop Saying That There Are 33,000 Protestant Denominations at the National Catholic Register. (The multi-denominational argument is strong enough on its own; it needs no embellishment.)

Professor Anthony Esolen writes a moving thought experiment, looking at the modern world through the eyes of our forebears, in What Would Our Ancestors Think of Us? over at Crisis Magazine. (And no, I did not choose this simply because there is a picture of the TARDIS in the article.)


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